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Authorized Sewer Ordinance Testing

If you are selling a home in the Truckee Tahoe area, and the sewer lines haven’t been tested within five years, you will need to schedule a sewer line pressure test.

When you call Greenside Plumbing & Construction for sewer ordinance testing, we respond within 24 hours --inspecting the home site and providing a testing estimate. We offer expedited sewer testing services that usually can be completed in the same week.

We take pride in getting sewer ordinance testing done in a timely manner so that your escrow will close on schedule.

While most sewage system tests are completed within one week, if a leak is detected and the sewer system fails the ordinance test, repairs and additional testing will be necessary.


Greenside Plumbing & Construction is authorized to test sewer services in the following North Tahoe and Truckee districts:

* Truckee Sanitary District

* Tahoe City P.U.D.

  1. *North Tahoe P.U.D.

  2. *NorthStar Community Services P.U.D.

  3. *Donner Summit P.U.D.

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We routinely handle any sewer ordinance repair work and follow-up testing and will do everything possible to keep your escrow schedule on track. Call us today for an estimate and to schedule a required sewer ordinance test. CALL 530-.013.2838