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When you call Truckee Plumbing Services and Greenside Plumbing & Construction you will reach experienced plumbing contractors who can handle all your residential plumbing & home maintenance needs.

In addition to emergency plumbing repairs and complete plumbing service, we offer home maintenance services for second home owners.

With our extreme winter weather and frequent power outages, all unoccupied homes should be winterized to prevent frozen pipes and potential water damage. Roofs may need to be shoveled to prevent structural damage. Let Truckee Plumbing Services handle these important tasks for you. Our home maintenance service will provide peace of mind while you’re away.

Call the local Truckee plumbers  & contractors at Truckee Plumbing Services and Greenside Construction for all your home maintenance and repair needs.


Professional Home Services

* Winterizing

  1. *General Home Maintenance

* home inspections

  1. *Weekly  Bi-weekly Monthly Visits

  2. *Snow Removal on Decks & Roofs

  3. *Build or Repair Decks

  4. *Repair Appliances

  5. *Water Damage

* Repair Sheet RocK

* Competitive Hourly Rates

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